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Mesoft labs is Islamic Media Production Studio and Software Developer, a small team of young web designers and developers from Pakistan. We design and develop websites, brochures and logo.

Islamic Media Production Studio and Software Developer


Let's say more about us

Mesoft Labs is a Pakistani software house and Islamic media production studio headquartered in Amangarh, Nowshera that develops, manufactures, designs, and supports a wide range of products and services related to computing. The company was founded by "Mansoor Elahi" on February, 2005. A Mesoft Labs is a organization where it promotes the IT solutions in Pakistan and obviously worldwide.

Mesoft Labs objectives include strengthening and promoting the Islamic knowledge among the world in the fields of education, science, culture and communication, developing and using the Information technology and use of advanced technology within the framework of Islamic values and ideals, consolidating understanding among Muslim peoples, and contributing to the achievement of world peace and security, particularly through education, science, culture and communication.

Mesoft Labs was established in 2005 is a nonprofit for Islamic, non-political and non-sectarian organization committed to promotion of Islamic thought and culture through educational software’s, through Media and research. Among several of its objectives teaching Qur’an recitation (Nazra) with correct pronunciation and accent (Tajweed) has remained one of the foremost objectives of the Mesoft Labs. For this purpose Mesoft Labs has been working on it since 2005. The Mesoft Labs is purely a purpose-oriented, non-commercial, non-political, non-sectarian. We are dependable. No effort is spared to ensure dependability.

As from 2005, Mesoft Labs is working on several projects in which some are software’s for computing and some related to publication to promote the true Islamic Knowledge in the world. For this purpose Mesoft Labs is working hard to deliver the best techniques and professional stuff to users.

Now a days Mesoft Labs name is famous in region at Nowshera for professional developments of Islamic Software’s and also well known for Islamic media production.

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Mesoft labs is a small team of young web designers and developers from Pakistan. We design and develop websites, brochures and logo. Above are the best commitment with our clients:


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Our creatives and developers are available during Mondays to Fridays from 10am to 03pm and we are on UTC +5.00.